Slovak Retail Summit 2019 - Conference program


XXIII. International Conference on Retail and Marketing

„Retail on the road to virtual reality“


PAST TIMES - lessons learned from the past
PRESENT - let´s take today's opportunities
FUTURE - inspirations for the future
  • Peter Staněk,  Artificial Intelligence and Future Retail within Company 5.0 in the Technical, Information, Human and Marketing Level of Retail, Economic Institute of SLOVAK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES
  • Retail and the benefits of using new technologies for consumers, entrepreneurs and state           
  • Retail and decentralized world of blockchain technology
  • Retail and its steps towards virtual reality
  • Retail and customer engagement in the space of virtual reality
GALAEVENING „THE NIGHT OF WINNERS“ - Stars of the Retail Heaven 2018
Anouncement of winners for the year 2018:
  • Mastercard Retailer of the year 2018
  • Muse of Mercury 2018
  • Responsible business in the world of modern technology
  • Retail and new ways of delivering goods to the customer