Slovak Retail Summit 2019 - Gábor Molnár

Gábor Molnár

has been actively involved in the research of technology-based retail efficiency improvement since 1998. Within this area of expertise he focuses on the potential and justifyable level of IT support and automation in the area of intra-logistics, WMS and full-scale automation solutions. 

A differentiated tool-level support may offer attractive ROI in a given environment therefore it is inevitable to examine them in details, ranging from the physical arrangement of the working environment (ergonomics) through tools yet outside the scope of IT (e.g. headset solutions) up to sophisticated IT systems and system components (e.g. security system integration within the LAURA checkout). 

The topic of the presentation is automation in retail, i.e. how one can manage a shop with the least number of employees. The lack of workforce and strong fluctuation have grown to such a huge problem in retail that jeopardizes normal operation. Modern IT solutions help retailers to employ significantly less human resources or to use the existing workforce with improved efficiency.